Our group researches scene understanding, 3D representation and reconstruction, and generalization of visual learning. To learn more about our group, please join our Friday 1pm meetings in Siebel 3102. Also, see the more general CS vision group webpage for information about other computer vision researchers and the vision discussion group. You can also visit us in Siebel 3307.


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Jae Yong Lee (PhD Candidate)
Researches geometric computer vision using machine learning. Started 2018.
Rajbir Kataria (PhD Candidate)
Research is primarily in 3D vision relating to structure-from-motion and multi-view stereo. Started 2017.
Zhizhong Li (PhD candidate)
Research interests include transfer learning, domain adaptation, and deep learning in computer vision. Started 2015.
Tanmay Gupta (PhD candidate)
Working at the intersection of computer vision and natural language processing. Started 2015.

Former Students

Chuhang Zou, PhD
Applied Scientist at Amazon Go. Graduated 2019.
Qieyun Dai, PhD
Machine Learning Engineer at Twitter. Graduated 2017.
Kevin Shih, PhD
Research Scientist at NVIDIA. Graduated 2017.
Saurabh Singh, PhD
Senior Research Scientist at Google in CV/ML. Graduated 2016.
Jospeh DeGol, PhD
Senior Researcher at Microsoft in Redmond. Graduated 2018.
Kevin Karsch, PhD
Founder and CTO of LightForm. Graduated 2015.
Ruiqi Guo, PhD
Google Research in NY, Machine Perception. Graduated 2014
Ian Endres, PhD
Lead Research Engineer at HERE 360. Graduated 2013
Varsha Hedau, PhD
Manager Tech Lead CV & ML Amazon Lab126. Graduated 2011
Ali Farhadi, PhD
UW Associate Professor, Founder and CEO of XNOR. Graduated 2011
Gang Wang, PhD
Chief Scientist of Alibaba AI Labs. Graduated 2010